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Awesome stay-cation ideas

June 21, 2020

During the summer months and at school breaks, many families take advantage of having more quality time.

But, taking a fancy or expensive trip is not always necessary to bring everyone together and have some rewarding experiences, which is why a staycation is a perfect idea as there are so many kid-friendly opportunities to get active and explore locally.

Families who ride together, have fun together

If you are like us and live in or near the city, there are plenty of spots away from the traffic that are safe for kids to bike in parks, along the waterfront, and of course in one of, the many river valleys.

Taking the whole family is not only good exercise, it's also a fun activity to do together as you explore parts of the city that are less travelled. To help you plan your next outing, here are some family-friendly bike trails in the GTA:

  • Martin Goodman Trail

    Part of the larger waterfront trail system, the paved trail borders the shores of Lake Ontario for more than 50 km from Etobicoke in the west to Rouge Park in the east.

  • Lower Humber Valley Trail

    The larger trail stretches a full 32km all the way to scenic Caledon. Within the city limits, it is wooded and quiet, winding through parks and beside the Humber Marshes.

  • High Park

    The paths are scenic and great for kids, especially on Sundays, when cars are restricted. You can ride on the sidewalks in the park, take a jaunt down to the zoo, check out the cool castle playground or stop by the splash pad to cool off.

The best memories can be made together right in your hometown.

Let’s set family hydration goals

Water is one of the body's most essential nutrients and it’s important to remember that being active (especially during those family bike rides) requires us to stay hydrated. Depending on the age, size and activity levels of your child, recommended amounts will vary but you can start by striving for a minimum 8-10 8oz glasses per day.

As a parent, let’s set a good example and build a fun little challenge for the whole family to stay hydrated. Create an interactive place in your home, nearby your fridge is ideal, and ensure everyone tracks their daily water intake using stickers or a marker. Have them set goals to reach throughout the day so they can get the right amount of water intake.

Feel free to make it a game as children love a fun competition – offer them a healthy reward when they meet their weekly targets.

It’s no secret that kids who consume more water make smarter choices and seek out healthier foods ensuring they transform their potential into a bright future.

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