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May 3, 2021

Exploring where food comes from.

Planting a garden at home is a fun and interactive way for our kids to better connect with their food sources plus it offers quality family moments through a shared passion. Developing an appreciation for Mother Earth and the critical role agriculture plays in our food system are building blocks to healthier habits in life.

Spending time at a Farmer’s Market is an exciting way for them to explore diverse local fruits and vegetables while stimulating their senses.

With spring in the air, here are some simple steps to get you started and keep them motivated:

  • Begin with the basics - teach your child about the importance of healthy soil, organic fertilizer, sunlight, and water as key ingredients to support a healthy harvest.

  • Start small – encourage them to select fruits and vegetables based on their interests. Grow a Cherry tomato plant in a pot on your patio, create a small window garden of peppers or try your hand at herbs.

  • Cultivate good habits – set aside 15 to 20 minutes throughout the week to tend the garden, leading by example pulling weeds and watering the garden as this helps reinforce accountability.

  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour – nothing is more rewarding then seeing the food they grew appear in their favourite meal.

With so many families being food insecure, kindly remember to donate any surplus vegetables to your local food bank so other kids have access to healthy options.

Many neighborhoods are creating green urban environments in the form of Community Gardens where people come together to grow healthy food and cultivate vibrant communities. Beyond providing access to fresh organic produce, these are ideal opportunities for your child to experience physical activity, interact with nature, and meet some new friends.

Together, we can inspire small changes towards a healthier family and planet.

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