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May 3, 2021

Unconditional support for uncertain times

Many well-intentioned parents are struggling to manage the evolving realities of our world today as rapid changes like distance-learning and cancellation of sports present new challenges for our kids who can easily become overwhelmed and anxious. It is completely normal to doubt your parenting approach asking whether you are doing enough or wonder about what else you should be doing.

To help reduce overall anxiety in the household, it is essential we remember the goal is not to focus on perfection or achieving maximum productivity but rather emphasize the emotional and physical wellness of our kids.

Speaking of goals, introducing some structure to each day can bode well for younger children as it establishes some predictability in uncertain times and enables a sense of accomplishment. When your child achieves their daily goals, offering praise and positive feedback can be a huge boost to their self-esteem reinforcing these ideal behaviours.

When kids are fully supported, they feel unstoppable and have a better sense of purpose.

With so many families staying home and practicing social distancing, the lack of in person contact with friends and relatives can understandably cause feelings of loneliness. Friendships with other children can give kids crucial support, building a sense of belonging as it shapes their personal identities.

Providing extra reassurance at home and just being there for your child can be a real game changer. When possible, take advantage of this opportunity to spend more time together and come up with family activities that everyone enjoys.

Sometimes slowing down and practicing mindful pauses during the day can help both your child and yourself have better emotional health.

Encouraging your child to explore their unique creativity and seek out new interests is a great tool to help cope with the constant changes to their routine. Reinforcing a lifelong learner mindset helps students find meaning whether that’s through reading, learning an instrument, baking, planting a garden or writing.

When kids uncover their passions, nothing can stand in their way!

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