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Mason Jar Gardening Kits

June 21, 2020

Let’s talk about an indoor gardening project your kids will love. Any parent knows, inspiring your family to eat healthy and get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is always a challenge as this younger generation is more disconnected from where food comes from.

It's hard to imagine unless you've been in the trenches digging holes, planting seeds or seedlings; then watching these living things grow into full-fledged plants or herbs that kids can pick and enjoy.

Countless studies have shown by engaging youth in the process of growing is one of the best ways to put them on track for a lifetime of healthy food choices. Beyond being be able to taste the fruits of their labour, your kids will learn some important science too!

Find some fun containers

Truly anything can be turned into a container. Around the house, there can be so many interesting items that are being under-utilized or just waiting to be recycled. A classic mason jar is a great option as it can be fashionable and very versatile. Or a medium-sized aluminum tin bucket often collecting dust in a garage, shed or basement is a fun alternative that also presents an opportunity to design and decorate with art on the exterior walls.

Tools of the trade

You’ll need these items in order to create your mason jar herb garden.

  • wide-mouth mason jars

  • potting soil and some sand

  • pebbles or black gravel

  • herbs of your choice (chives, thyme, basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, mints and parsley work best)

How to Build Your 'Living Art'

What’s not to love about a Mason jar herb garden - just make sure to hang or place in a sunny location since herbs need plenty of vitamin D.
Start with a layer of pebbles or black gravel into the base of each Mason jar for drainage. Fill the rest of the jar with potting soil mixed with a cup of sand. Place your favorite herb plants into the mason jars and water regularly but be careful not to over water. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings then only add enough water to moisten the soil.

As the herbs mature and flourish, snip and trim your herbs to enjoy in recipes and your next family theme night.

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