Pack of 4 ROOTS Patches
Pack of 4 ROOTS Patches
Pack of 4 ROOTS Patches

Pack of 4 ROOTS Patches

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Product description.

Show your support with an inspirational patch as every purchase goes directly to help create valuable programming in the community.

Get the entire limited-edition collection to use as motivational rewards for when your child reaches their goals.  These high quality ROOTS iron-on patches are best applied to cotton or denim. Also looks fantastic sewn on a jacket or backpack.

Iron-on Instructions

1. Place patch on garment embroidery side up.

2. Heat iron using ‘Cotton’ setting. Don’t use steam.

3. Cover the patch with a thin cloth. Press the iron firmly for 15-20 seconds. Don’t move back and forth.

4. Wait to cool thoroughly. If the fabric of garment is thick, add more iron time.

Cotton and denim are the best for iron-on patches.

Do NOT apply on rayon, nylon, triacetate fabrics or waterproof fabric, leather, woolen (or knitted apparel), silk, GORE-TEX, down coats and rain jackets.

Be very careful with polyester as not all the cloth with polyester are suitable to iron patches.

Base layers, swimsuits are not suitable, but T-shirts, Polo shirts are fine.

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