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Cooking Up Fun in the Kitchen

April 1, 2021

Feed their curiosity by exploring new foods as teaching them about nutrition, where foods come from and how-to meal plan, builds the foundation to healthy habits for life.

Mix up some interactive fun and family bonding by introducing your kids to cooking and food prep in the kitchen.

Always start with the basics and establish some safety rules but let them get messy as it is about creating and sharing memories together. Experimenting with ingredients helps broaden their palates as they develop a greater appreciation and foster independence. As a parent, hearing your kid say ‘I made that” is incredibly fulfilling as it boosts their self-confidence translating into every area of their life.

Suggest a few dishes that are simple to prepare like a soup, pasta or pizza from scratch but do encourage your child to choose what they would like to attempt and master. Plan ahead as this may require a grocery list and a trip to the local store for all the ingredients. Take advantage of this opportunity to teach them what goes inside so they understand spaghetti sauce doesn't always have to come from a jar.

Making an authentic recipe from a different culture helps kids learn about the people, history and geography from diverse regions.

Next, you will want to select a recipe (there are so many great resources online) to follow step-by-step as this becomes an effective tool for teaching math and comprehension skills in an engaging way.

Why not create a weekly ritual of getting the whole family together to cook as this routine task can be transformed into quality time and a chance to reconnect as a unit.

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