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October 5, 2021

Encouraging kids to explore their world

For this younger generation, identity is something that’s constantly being explored often with friends collectively discovering and experimenting new interests and activities.

With organized sports and recreation taking a pandemic pause (the impact of which will be felt for the months and years to come), it’s important we help our kids overcome the separation from teams and school-based extra-curricular activities. 

As we shift towards normalcy, let’s empower our kids through physical literacy as it not only (re)builds self-confidence and esteem, it’s a tool to reduce stress and control anxiety.

Encouraging our kids to try something new every day helps stimulate growth and development while unlocking new found passions.  For youth who truly need it and are vulnerable to depression, attention span and hyperactivity, adventure-based learning helps them better cope with mental health and underscores the tangible ways we can support our children during this incredibly challenging time.

Awaiting a safe return to programming, parents can engage in more unstructured play such as hiking, walking, as well as creative use of playgrounds and other unique outdoor spaces.

Enabling our kids the freedom to be themselves starts with motivating them to come up with a weekly calendar of activities to instill a sense of purpose and help stay connected with friends and family members.

Together, let’s transform their potential into a bright future



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